As the largest tracer wire supplier in the industry, Trident Solutions offers a vast line of wire and cable options that can be used in varying applications.  As much as the wire is important, the right connector plays a significant role as well.  Hopefully, this little bit of information will give you a big idea of how the two go together.

What is the importance of a connector?

Connectors are electronic devices that connect or disconnect circuits. The connector is put in place to secure the connection between an electrical unit. Tracer wire can be mapped out in different directions. Connectors allow the wire to be placed “in-line” or laterally when needed. Connectors need to be waterproof and corrosion-proof as well.


The Tracerlock Connector

The Tracerlock connector is a direct bury, self-stripping, waterproof, and corrosion-proof locking connector system used for making critical connections to your tracer wire systems.


  • Hybrid style connector that has a lug + split bolt + compression to ensure secure installation.
  • Short installation time
  • Higher pull force due to the torque breakaway nut
    • There is no danger in under-tightening the tracer wire that may cause a failure in the connection.
    • No strip needed.
  • Mainline wire use as well as lateral
    • No stripping required for either (many of the connectors require stripping)
    • Fewer tools are required for installation.
  • Not gauge specific, so you have the capability to mix and match gauge sizes if desired (8-16 AWG).
  • 1,000 volts max which is the highest rating in the industry.
  • Waterproof / corrosion proof
  • Non-hardening dielectric silicone protects the integrity of the connection.


Pro Trace Connector

The Pro-Trace connector is used for underground splices or connections for tracer wire and other applications exceeding 300 volts. The silicon-filled connector is used to splice or branch off multiple tracer wires to maintain continuity and provides corrosion protection from underground elements.


  • Patent #7335050
  • Waterproof/ dielectric silicone that protects the wire in the connector
  • 3 connection points for mainline and service lateral.
  • Carries up to 300 volts max, which is higher than most connectors in the industry.
  • Not gauge specific, so you can vary in size if needed.
  • Superior to a twist-style connector, which provides better strain relief.
  • Has built-in stripping measurements for proper stripping directions for the best results.
  • Hand pressure to lock the connector, no other tools are needed.
  • Quality low cost and simple connector for all styles of tracer wire.


In summary, tracer wire connectors are an important component of underground utility installations. By facilitating the detection and location of buried utility lines, they help maintain safe and efficient operations of underground utilities. It is essential to choose the right tracer wire connector to ensure a reliable and high-quality connection.

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