When it comes to copper-clad steel (CCS) wiring over traditional copper wiring, the choice is easy—Proline Safety’s Copper-Clad Steel Wire is preferred for many reasons and applications.

But what is CCS? CCS was first introduced in 1915. As a bi-metal conductor, it uses a uniform, continuous, lower high-carbon steel core that is chemically bonded with copper cladding. A cold rolling process ensures uniform coverage where no rehardening is necessary to prevent flaking, pitting, chipping, or cracking.

How CCS Differs from Copper

CCS clearly leads the way in added properties and economic feasibility that copper can’t compare.

The coating created in the bonding process protects the wire from breakage and abrasions, which gives it a 43 percent higher break-load than copper wire. Although one would think this would make it heavy, CCS is, in fact, ten percent lighter than copper. In addition, CCS has another leg up on copper with its conductivity strength, which makes it the natural choice across all industries.

CCS is also a cost-effective solution when compared to copper:

  • The decreased weight results in lower shipping costs and ease of handling throughout installation and maintenance.
  • Due to its corrosion resistance, the wire has lasting durability and longevity, lessening maintenance costs.
  • The threat of theft is reduced based on its lower after-market value.

Its design of flexibility, memory, and overall feel make it a preferred copper substitute in every way.

Proline Safety’s Copper-Clad Steel Tracer Wire

Proline’s CCS wire is the preferred choice in many applications. Our products are used for tracer wire applications not exceeding 30 volts and conductively locate buried utility lines for the gas, water, sewer, telecommunication, and electrical markets. Additionally, our products are RoHS Compliant and work with connectors you already use.

Our Copper-Clad Wire products are stronger and lower in cost than traditional copper wire. Contact us to learn more about how Proline Safety’s CCS Wire is the superior wire of choice.